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Fraud and Forensic Financial Investigation

If you are concerned about fraudulent financial activity, our forensic investigation professionals can Deliver on the Promise of a thorough investigation to uncover and document the extent of the financial misappropriation.

Our forensic accounting professionals apply accounting, auditing and other investigative methods to the factual issues in a case. Forensic accounting techniques may be used to establish causation of damages, uncover hidden assets or fraudulent conveyances, detect fraud or embezzlement or locate documentary evidence.

Many cases are won or lost during the discovery phase of litigation. Our forensic accountants can offer valuable assistance in the discovery process. Our knowledge enables us to advise lawyers and corporate executives about the types of business records to request and secure in connection with a forensic investigation. We also offer assistance in the preparation of interrogatories, document requests or deposition questions designed to elicit relevant information.

Once the information is obtained, our team can analyze it, explain its significance and recommend further avenues of discovery. This practical approach produces realistic results that are more readily understood and accepted by the trier of fact. In addition, our work is regulated by rigorous professional standards and quality control measures.

When ownership interests in privately held companies or other assets are obtained before and/or during marriage, it may be necessary to document when and how these ownership interests were obtained. We are able to review the relevant documents and summarize how and when an ownership interest was obtained to aid in separate vs. marital property analysis.

Our professionals are uniquely qualified to provide financial expertise. Our team of specialists includes Certified Public Accountants, Certified Fraud Examiners, Certified Information Systems Auditors, Certified Valuation Analysts and professionals Accredited in Business Valuation who have been involved with and provided testimony for complex commercial litigation.

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